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Color Psychology in Web Design

Color plays a huge role in influencing how we think, feel and react. Adjusting the color of a call-to-action button or reducing the number of colors on your website can make a big impact on both overall branding as well as customer conversions.

While colors often convey very different meanings across cultures, in Western cultures (and many others), below are below are some of the most common associations and moods evoked by different colors:

Black – Black is typically associated with darkness and evil, as well as with death, mourning and unhappiness. However, black is also often the color of power and sophistication (doesn’t every woman need to have her little black dress?), and is used by style-oriented brands and websites like Sephora, Gilt and Armani Exchange. Use black if you want your users to feel chic and “with-it”.

Sephora homepage2 300x161 Color Psychology in Web Design

Sephora homepage

White – White is the color of goodness, purity, and virginity, and also evokes a sense of calm and well-being (note, however, that in some cultures, like Chinese, white is the color of mourning). You can use white if you would like to your brand or website to come across as simple and minimalist. Once way to do this is to make sure that whatever you’re designing uses a lot of negative space. Some notable brands and websites that do this include Apple and Dropbox. Read more »